Back when we were kids, we used to think of Chinese New Year as a huge festive party or sorts,
Playing with cousins, collecting ‘festive taxes’ from parents and relatives in forms of red packets (Ang Paos), checking out people’s houses, etc.
Little did we know that as we move up the age ladder, we get to see things hidden from the eyes of a child.

Let us compare some of these elements which differ between the times of a child and an adult…

Looking foward to CNY


As a kid, you’d be itching for CNY to approach as soon as possible, looking forward to the ang pao collecting sessions, chowing down the goodies, playing with cousins and of course, no school. Eventually as you grow up, you’ll be looking at lots of spring cleaning to do, CNY logistics such as confectioneries, decor and some other traditional customary things your family might want you to acquire, and then the work which would eventually pile up as you head back into office.

Red Packets

hongbao money

Just when you think that you’re gonna enjoy collecting money for every first quarter of the year for your whole life, think again.
The moment you tie that knot with your fellow unfortunate tax collector, the countdown begins.
You’d have approximately 1 year before you can kiss your ‘Ang Bao’ collecting days goodbye.
And thats not all.
This time round, why not let’s switch! You’ll be the one giving out the Red Packets instead!
And just for your info, it’s a whole new level of pain for your bank account altogether.

Relatives’ Bombardment


When relatives see you as a kid, they think you’re the cutest thing in the world, looking to have a fun and positive interaction with the chubby little you. The moment they get the tinge of your adulthood, their questioning behavior goes a whole 180.

Your Cousins


As you approach your relatives’ house, you’d hear the squeals and cheers of joy, your cousins. Imagine all the fun, games and laughter they have in store for you! Oh, but wait, that’s when you’re just a child. For some strange reason, if you havent been keeping close tabs with your cousins when you reach the schooling age, they eventually become some weird strangers sitting opposite you, with the awkward feeling that they’ve seen you somewhere before…

CNY Goodies


You squealed as you munch down those goodies.
10-15 years down the road, you’d be thinking twice about what you’re putting into your body, to the point of counting the number of calories per cookie rather than the number of cookies you could hoard in your cheeks.



Well, it’s the New Year!
There’s definitely some things which doesn’t change right?
There’s one! Remember the time you went over to your grandma’s house, and your aunt started bragging about how well her son did for his PSLE examinations? Guess what? She’s back! And this time, her son is getting married at the equinox at the Swissotel, and you’re warmly invited to attend his wedding. Imagine how much of an ang pao you’d have to pack for his bloody wedding.


Thats actually not all.
There’s lots of changes we’ve seen over time when we transited over in age, just that we didn’t really have much of a time to do it up.
But hey, It’s a great chance to do a ‘part 2’!

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