Let’s see whats up at Doujima~

Doujima – Doujin Market 2014 was a doujin-focused event held on the 27th April, 2014, jointly organized by the Neo Tokyo Project, Collateral Damage Studios and Daiyaku. We are glad to be one of the supporting entities for this event, together with the guys at CDS. Considering this small-scale event is at it’s first, we didn’t really know that to expect until the day itself. (All photos courtesy of Doujin Market)

Just us setting up our lil-ole booth~

As we approached the Gallery at *SCAPE at approximately 9am, there’s already people sitting outside waiting for the event to start, a bit of a shock to us that people were willing to camp it out till the opening. But come 11am when we’re done setting up and the gates were opened…….

Uh oh….

…and the crowds were unleashed upon the booths. Shock and awe fills us as we see the surge of crowds coming in, with a tinge of cash register chimes ringing in our heads. Time for business!

Customers, Customers Everywhere!
For the swarmmmm~~

Visitors checking out the possible loot~
Is that cupcakes? <3
…Even better, tons of badges for your choosing!
Sketching on the spot, just some of the things booth owners do to pass time, and attract customers at the same time~
Aposekari with their awesome lineup!
Beads, beads, and more beads!
Thats a really cute duck you got there NKART!
Our friendly neighbour Art Mage Studios~ Really got to hand it to them for tolerating us for being alittle rowdy at times.
Fantasie Nocturne Productions Artists always busy as ever. Though they always come over to visit!
We ain’t kidding about them being busy.
ICE BERRY’s Shiyun (Unfortunately couldn’t make it) with her mum and bro at the helm.

And Moving on…

And not forgetting us! And CDS with the alluring Miku LED shirts in the background. It was an intense battle between us two! Unfortunately, one of our artists gave in to temptation and bought one of the shirts. GGWP CDS! ><
Gaahhh! One by one it’s getting sold out. I vaguely remember one of the customers cursing at his fate of not being able to get his hands on a kongou shirt… =x
Amatsukaze looking up at any potential customers~

Crowd numbers still stayed strong throughout the day, giving us little time to rest. But in all, it was quite a satisfying day! As the event comes to a close, most of us still couldn’t really come to terms with the surge today. It’s one of the few events we deemed as pretty successful for it’s first run. But in all, we would really want to thank all of you guys and girls for coming down to support the event! We look forward to another Doujima and bringing you the stuff you love!

Next up, AFA Matsuri!

(Once again, all photos shamelessly taken from the Doujima Webpage, until 0filia loads up her photos~)

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