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That moment when you hear the doorbell…
A group of people had just arrived at your doorstep…
They start giving well wishes to your parents.
Your mum/dad suddenly bursts out at you: “Hey! Never call people?!”
Somehow, you seem to find them familiar, you wanted to greet them….
but, your mouth, it wouldn’t budge…
And your mind just went blank……………………..

…..You practically forgot how to address them via their family titles!

It’s that time of the year again when you have to literally crack your head thinking how to call your relatives.
It’s not that easy to just call them as ‘uncles’, or ‘aunties’. If your family still has it’s roots embedded deep in Chinese tradition, there’s just too many family titles within the Chinese family tree, and with a whole bunch of them coming over to your houses for visits, it’s gonna be a huge nightmare.
Guess what?
We had that problem too.
We decided to look up all these titles and made ourselves some sort of a list in-case they come sneaking up your door for a visit again!

(Click on the image for a bigger view.)

Family Tree 3

Even though it’s already the third day, Daiyaku would like to take this chance again to wish everyone a blessed and prosperous new year ahead~!


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