Attention all Lanjiao tamers~!
Did you know that you can use your Aitori/Lanjiao to play a game??
LJ the game is a gathering game that can be played by 2 players or more. There is no limit to the number of players for this game.
It is suited for chalet/home gatherings or birthday parties where people get together and are looking for a game to play!

NOTE: Please do not play this out in the public as it involves expletives and vulgarities, which may be an annoyance to the general public. Play this game in an enclosed area such as a chalet or your own home. Daiyaku will not be held responsible should the players get in trouble with any law enforcement agencies. 

How to play

All players are to gather in a circle.
There are 2 types of players in this game
The Aitori/Lanjiao Tamer
– The Audience


The Tamer with the Aitori announce an action to be done on Aitori/Lanjiao and demonstrate it to the audience.
E.g. “I will massage my Lanjiao!!” *Tamer massages the plushie*
The audience’s objective is not to laugh while the tamer announces or demonstrates the action done to the plushie.
Should any player is caught laughing/giggling/sniggering, he or she shall be asked to do a forfeit.

NOTE: You can also have the tamer to announce movie/cartoon titles to be associated with Aitori/Lanjiao.
E.g. “Shingeki no _______!!!!” *Plays G*ren no Y*miya song*

The default forfeit would be the punished player to do an action to Aitori/Lanjiao plushie as specified by the rest of the group.
Once a tamer has finishes the action/the forfeit is done for the punished player, the tamer then passes on the plushie to another player to become to next tamer.
The game ends in 1 round when all the players have taken their turns to be the Tamer.
You can proceed on to play as many rounds as you like!



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