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The one place which we would eventually visit to relief ourselves every single day, and being that one place we visit everyday, we would definitely have our expectations on how we would want to make our experience in the toilet as comfortable as we can. Sadly, different people have different habits and ways of using them, and we aren’t exactly fond at some of these habits. Let us take a look at some of these mentioned habits we should all try to avoid.

 Aiming in Toilets (Mainly for the gents)


Men, masters of war, with the capability to utilize firearms with expertise and skill, killing enemies from miles away with a single shot, and yet, we have problems managing our aim from just afew centimetres away from the toilet bowl.
Just a word of advice for the guys, if you aren’t exactly that confident with your aim, there’s always the option called ‘Lifting the toilet seat’. This way, you’d be doing everyone a favour by having clean toilet seats. And if you’d really need to mark your territory, just a simple marker-on-masking-tape treatment would do. We’re not animals by the way.

 Spitting in the Sinks (And other junk)

Dirty Sink

Sure, you’d need to get your mouth clean of debris from that awesome lunch you had just now or expel any phlegm you’d want to get rid from your throat, but as you rinse your mouth, make sure you rinse the sink as well. No one wants to see what you had for lunch or how sick you are lately.

Long Queues (Mainly for the ladies)

Female Toilet Queue

Honestly, we don’t really have a decisive solution for this one, other than sucking it up and finding another toilet. But here’s a tip. try to head for the floors in the mall which has lesser traffic, or try heading to a toilet in a hotel, they’d usually have no problems with crowds. If you’re looking for a toilet right after that movie you just watched. forget about heading to the nearest toilet, you’re not the only one thinking of the same thing.

Absence of Toilet Paper

No More Toilet Paper

During this time, you may have to lower your ego, and ask for help (If there’s people inside the toilet), If the toilet is empty, try to suit up and make that break for afew seconds to another available cubicle, hoping for some toilet paper. If all else fails, your wallet may have some receipts you received from your last transaction. (No joke, we had that kind of situations before)
Of course, prevention is always better than cure, just make sure you have a packet of tissues with you at all times (Something a guy wouldn’t really care about)

Too much Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

It can get slightly disgusting when there’s wet toilet paper all over the floor, when you wouldn’t know were they actually used or not. Just use the amount you really need, if you’re planning to use that to wipe your hands/face, just some heads up, it’s not called toilet paper without a reason, and you wouldn’t really want to wipe your face with that wouldn’t you?

Squatting on the toilet seats


Stand Toilet Seat

Should you feel that the toilet seat’s cleanliness is not up to your expectations, just take a piece of toilet paper and wipe the seat. Refrain from squatting on the toilet seats just to get that air time away from those stains, it is not made to handle those postures and weight, in short, it’s not even safe to do so.

Toilet Paper Infestation

Toilet paper ceiling

Sure, it’s really funny to see toilet paper getting stuck up at the ceiling, but think for those maintaining the toilets. Seriously, it’s not an easy job getting those things off the ceiling, considering you’d need something long to peel those dried pieces of paper off, and not forgetting that it leaves a stain. So before you attempt to entertain yourself with throwing toilet paper up the ceiling, think for those people who’d have to clean it.

The Toilet Seat Dilemma

toilet seat

Both tend to have the best of intentions and motives. Girls prefer to have the seats down so that the next person wouldn’t need to take the trouble to bring the toilet seat down whenever they need it, whereas for the guys, they’d put the seat up so that they wouldn’t dirty the toilet seat when they take a pee, and that’s being pretty considerate of them. But then again, both sides tend to get kinda irritated when they see things they didn’t quite expect.

Overall, the toilets can be a pleasant place to be in if everyone plays their part (Of course, that’d be pretty difficult). But in everybody’s mind, they’d definitely want to do their business in a place clean and dry, and in comfort.
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